El Laboratorio and bwin create a game to follow Real Madrid on their journey to their 10th European Cup

This is a Pan-European project, given to El Laboratorio following an international pitch against the Dutch agency Sid Lee, through which El Laboratorio has taken responsibility not only for the conceptual development of the game, but also the design and generation of all the content, as well as project coordination.

Social Noise participated in the project, backed by El Laboratorio, taking over the propagation and promotion of the game in social networks.

The challenge lay in creating a campaign that would last as much as 9 months, with Real Madrid staying in the Champions League, encouraging betting and reinforcing the brand values.

The response was to create a content that met all the objectives from an entertainment perspective. A new way of making the brand interact with the potential users, going beyond a conventional campaign.

A game on Facebook, where the user trains as though he were just one more Real Madrid player, participating right alongside them and accompanying them on their road to their 10th European Cup.

El Laboratorio has had the help of United Games (a company based in Holland and integrated into the bwin companies) in developing and programming the application.

El Laboratorio and bwin launch this new challenge: via the Facebook application Raise Up the 10th, you can prepare yourself mentally and physically to accompany Real Madrid on their journey to Wembley.

To date, the game has attracted over 100,000 players.

An interactive game that tests the user’s knowledge of the team in white, and where Kaká, Benzema, Özil and Arbeola encourage Internet users to train so that they can progress through each of the game’s phases (not called-up, on the bench and starting player) and thus win the greatest number of points, which they can then use to bet on every Champions League match. Each player must also do a series of tests, or collect objects they'll find along the way and can swap in order to continue improving as a footballer. Also, the role played by each user’s friends is crucial to achieving a privileged position in the ranking.

To explain the application, 2 audiovisual pieces were filmed with the Real Madrid players, as well as various videos which make up the content of the game, where the user is encouraged to train hard to win Real Madrid's 10th European Cup.

These pieces and the messages from the players in the game were filmed by Gaby Martín and produced by Attic.

El Laboratorio and bwin have been working together since 2007, during which time they have produced campaigns that have won prizes such as a Bronze Lion at Cannes, the Grand Prize in Outdoor Advertising at the El Sol Festival and an Ondas Award, among others.

El Laboratorio and bwin create a game to follow Real Madrid on their journey to their 10th European Cup