Jesús Maroto

Jesús Maroto


His vocation is communication. He started to live the agency life at a very young age at La Banda de Agustin Medina.

Over his extensive career, he has worked in multinational agencies as well as independent ones, getting the best from both worlds.

His years of experience at Ruiz Nicoli and McCann World Group stand out. He was the founder and partner at Dimension Madrid.

He’s the father of two daughters, has a degree in law from the UCM and an MBA from The Instituto de Empresas.

He’s taken part in 3 Paris Dakar Rallys as Press Officer.

He is also an advisor and consultant at the Balia Foundation, which fights for social integration of young people through education.

Álvaro Vacchiano

Álvaro Vacchiano

General Manager.

He has been educated in the permanent search for innovation, in the cult of creativity as a means to achieve results, in the discipline of daily learning and the respect for talent.

He holds a degree in Business Administration and an MBA at El Instituto de Empresa. Half of his career has been in agencies: Bassat, Ogilvy & Mather, Young & Rubicam, Tapsa and Leo Burnett. In El Laboratorio is a repeat offender, since he worked two years in the agency shortly after its creation.

He has spent the other half of his career as advertiser. In Orange he has been responsible for Brand and Communication for 8 years, and was responsible for the conventional and digital advertising of Orange, Simyo and Amena.

He loves to travel and cook, where he puts into practice his curiosity and his desire to innovate... which sometimes have led him to improvise a salad so they could have something for dinner at home.

Javier Garrido

Javier Garrido

Creative Director

Mad about art management, design and bikes.

Whenever he can and on all his trips, he takes photos and captures his personal vision of reality. His training began in design studios in Madrid and, paradoxically, at the consultancy firm, Ernst & Young.

He then moved over to the advertising sector and worked for CP Proximity, which was at that time the best direct marketing agency in the world.

Here he learnt all the ins and outs of this discipline and that what all clients need are measurable results.

He then joined El Laboratorio, where he develops his strategic profile and his online expertise.

Today he is involved in all the integrated campaign projects and in all aspects where design plays a key role.

He has worked on all of the agency’s most important launches: TriNa, Bwin, Yoigo, Mercedes-Benz and Mahou-San Miguel.

His work has been recognised at numerous national and international festivals such as Cannes, El Sol, John Caples International Awards, FIAP, CdeC, etc.

Carlos Bustamante

Carlos Bustamante

Creative Director

Although Carlos has developed most of his career in the offline field in agencies such as Remo, S.C.P.F, Sra. Rushmore or Vidal Partnership; New York, his online profile has been reinforced during the last couple of years working as Executive Creative Director in BTOB (Madrid).

In El Laboratorio, Carlos combines these two disciplines (off/on) and tries his hardest to make them merge into one.

On a personal level, he enjoys photography, video editing, 3D modeling and playing electronic music without ever losing his characteristic calm demeanour.

One of El Laboratorio’s newest signings

Emanuele Manzini

Emanuele Manzini

Account Director

Manu is Italian but over 16 years ago decided to put down roots in Spain and start bis own family here.

In his professional career over the years he has worked in different Advertising Agencies and experience the world of communication in its widest sense, working in P.R companies and journalism before finding his true vocation: Advertising.

He started off by travelling all over Europe, studying and working in cities such as London, Milán, Florence and Bologne.

In Spain he joined El Laboratorio in 2005 and has been an integral part in the growth of the agency, working with practically all clients. Manu's experience is really 4 X 4, 360 degrees in all aspects of communication, making him meticulous in organization and client services.

The best known clients he has worked for include: Vodafone, Grupo Mahou - San Miguel, Canal +, Bwin, Mercedes-Benz, Yoigo, El Pais, Trina, IWC, EBay, Barclaycard, Springfield, Save the Children, Aldeas Infantiles SOS, Direct Seguros, etc.